Aaron "Shwayze" Smith and Cisco Adler began climbing the ladder of success several rungs higher than most new artists thanks to MTV. Buzzin', a limited-run series on the network, brought the duo straight into the living rooms of their prime demographic, and their laid-back demeanor turned out to be likable and at least moderately entertaining. But while they earned decent airplay and okay sales for their self-titled album, the pair's music doesn't make much of an impression outside the context of the show, and their appearance at the Denver stop on this year's Warped Tour suggests that they're not the greatest live act; the set was somewhat less exciting than Fred Thompson's failed presidential campaign. Worse, Smith has recently been quoted expressing doubts that a season two of Buzzin' will happen — meaning he and Adler won't be able to use MTV as a megaphone anymore. Taking that next step up the ladder just got a lot harder.


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