Silversun Pickups

Just in time for the impending '90s revival, it's Silversun Pickups.

It only makes sense that Silversun Pickups hit it big at the end of the aughts. The Los Angeles band, after all, is a faceless, hollow rehash of just about every overhyped trend of the past ten years, from garage rock to post-punk to indie rock. Toeing the center line, of course, has often paid off for careerist enterprises like Silversun — a band whose carefully cultivated rawness and defanged angst are flaunted shamelessly on its most recent full-length, Swoon. Not that the bandmembers should feel any shame: They're raking in the bucks and may even be having fun. And since there's an inevitable '90s revival on its way any day now, Silversun's debt to Smashing Pumpkins — which outweighs the zealous Billy Corgan-ism of fellow L.A. sensation the Airborne Toxic Event — may set the group up for even more success in the next ten years. But that's cool. Every decade needs a little sonic wallpaper.

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