Simian Mobile Disco contemplates dancing.

Simian Mobile Disco

In recent years, major U.S. labels haven't figured out how to sell dance music — and Interscope's experience with Simian Mobile Disco won't convince many imprints to take another shot. SMD, an English duo made up of Jas Shaw and James Ford, a producer who's overseen projects by Klaxons and Arctic Monkeys, specializes in au courant yet ultra-accessible club fare. But Interscope's attempt to sell it to the masses via 2007's Attack Decay Sustain Release flopped despite thumpin' material that ranged from crossover prospects like "I Believe" to more genre-specific offerings exemplified by the appropriately titled "Tits & Acid." The result? Interscope dropped Shaw and Ford last year, leaving them to put out Temporary Pleasure, an album slated for release later this month, under the auspices of U.K.-based Wichita Records, which has stuck with the boys since the beginning. Good thing, because if it was up to Interscope, Disco would be dead.


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