Simon Posford

Simon Posford is the undisputed master of psychedelic dance music. His work under the names Shpongle, Hallucinogen and more has consistently set a high bar in a niche genre. His meticulous touch in the studio is the key to his deep, intricate, beautiful tracks. Incorporating world-music influences, live instrumentation and anything else that tickles his fancy, Posford has crafted a body of work that stands alone, attracting fans far outside the usual psy-trance crowd. No matter what name he's working under, one factor is a constant: The man's work is genuinely mind-warping, whether he's playing high-energy dance tracks or slower, more contemplative work. You don't have to be an experienced psychonaut to fall in love with his work, but it sure doesn't hurt. Get dosed this Friday, May 9, at the Boulder Theater — where Posford will play under several of his aliases, including Younger Brother, a collaboration with members of Disco Biscuits and the Duo — or catch him Saturday, May 10, for a shorter set at the Ogden.


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