Sirhan Sirhan

It might not be the musical equivalent of an assassination, but Sirhan Sirhan brings plenty of violence and aggression to its beer-fueled proto-punk party. With maniacally purring vocals, viciously crunchy guitar, bloodthirsty bass, and drums as sloppy and belligerent as an aging, pot-bellied punker who's had one too many PBRs, the San Diego trio knows how to stir up a pit. Sirhan Sirhan's full-length debut, Blood — released by Kansas City's Anodyne Records and produced by Joby J. Ford of fellow SoCal brutalitarians the Bronx — slithers, seethes and surges with metallic menace and absolute disdain for subtly. From singer/guitarist Jason Blackmore's ominous growl to bassist Mike Johnston's pummeling bass lines, the record allows no quarter. Uncompromising anger and relentless heaviness are the calling cards of this hammer-to-the-brain three-piece. The band's MySpace page claims it sounds like "a swift kick to the sack," and frankly, we're too scared to disagree.


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