Skinny Puppy

Skinny Puppy started in 1982 as a side project of cEvin Key's old band, Images in Vogue. With Puppy becoming a full-time concern in 1986, Key and collaborators Nivek Ogre, Dwayne Goettel and Dave Ogilvie spent the next several years putting out seven landmark releases, including Rabies and Too Dark Park. Mixing phantasmagoric imagery with socially conscious lyrics, this band has never been easy listening. Fearlessly looking into and theatrically embodying the face of the evils of the world, Puppy and its exhilaratingly horrific live shows not only raised the bar for performance, but also challenged listeners to examine the psychosocial landscape around them. Since re-forming in 2002 after an extended hiatus following Goettel's death in 1995, Skinny Puppy has continued its dark critique of the human condition with its signature dramatic flair.


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