Slakjaw, April 29 at 3 Kings Tavern

The music of Slakjaw sounds like the members of the band took Eddy Joe Cotton's book Hobo to heart, hopped a train and then stumbled off the rails near the 20th Street viaduct somewhere around 1992 and spent the intervening years crawling their way through all the bars, collecting and creating stories. Somewhere along the way, the men of Slakjaw (celebrating the release of their new album at 3 Kings Tavern this Friday, April 29) learned how to play bluesy, punky, honky-tonk pop like a band out of a Quentin Tarantino movie as scripted by John Berendt. If the last decade didn't feel like America had revisited the Great Depression, this music would merely have a solidly old-timey flavor. As it stands, though, the band's songs seem far more relevant and sage-like than quaint. The fervor with which Slakjaw plays each show needs no recommendation.


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