Slim Cessna's Auto Club

One of the most gripping live acts around these parts for the past two decades, Slim Cessna's Auto Club generally kicks up dust with equal fervor on its studio recordings. With Unentitled, the followup to 2008's Cipher, the band doesn't steer too far from its tried-and-true formula of dark country and gothic Americana while injecting most of the tracks with a decent amount of the vigor from its live shows. The album's opener, "Three Bloodhounds Two Shepherds One Fila Brasileiro," with its chugging banjo, is classic Auto Club. The intro to "The Unballed Ballad of the New Folksinger" slightly resembles, strangely enough, the intro to Echo & the Bunnymen's "Do It Clean," while the accordion recalls a sped-up take on 16 Horsepower's "Harm's Way." Each of the nine songs on Unentitled could easily stand on its own, but as a collection, the album stands out as one of the Auto Club's finest efforts and possibly its most accessible release to date.


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