Slow Crash

The whispery, fairy-tale tone of the Slow Crash's music is deceptively fey. Akin to the intense chamber rock of famed Fort Collins outfit Matson Jones, the sound is decidedly darker and would never be confused with more traditional indie rock. With a multi-instrumentalist singer who's an amalgam of Johnette Napolitano and Annie Lennox, this band could have provided mood music for Dario Argento soundtracks or Hammer Studios projects. None of the songs are violent as much as they are portentous, with subtle underpinnings of menace — like Lovelife's fragmented abrasiveness replaced with sultry jazz, or like Camille Saint-Saëns updated for the post-punk set. The outfit's best material evokes a feeling of being adrift in murky waters on a warm, fog-shrouded summer night. In a live setting, the Slow Crash (due at the Larimer Lounge on Monday, September 8, with Electric Jellyfish, Whitecatpink and Fleurs Du Mal) is unexpectedly forceful, with a lurid vibe that's straight out of an Anne Rice novel.


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