Smashing Pumpkins

"That's the Way (My Love Is)," the second video from Zeitgeist, the latest Smashing Pumpkins CD, opens with Billy Corgan sitting alone in a futuristic swivel chair festooned with Minority Report-type video screens that allow him to monitor and manipulate an entire virtual world. He treats today's Pumpkins, currently touring with the Bravery, in much the same way. With only über-loyal drummer Jimmy Chamberlin remaining from the old days, Corgan has added three new members to the cast: guitarist Jeff Schroeder, bassist Ginger Reyes and keyboardist Lisa Harriton. But their function is to support Corgan and his vision while remaining resolutely in the background, as is clear from the performance portions of the "That's the Way" clip: One of the few close-ups of Reyes pictures her torso sans head or legs — an image that metaphorically emphasizes her interchangeability. Although Zeitgeist goes out of its way to recall Corgan's glory days as a group leader, for better and worse, it's essentially a solo project. These days, calling Smashing Pumpkins a band requires air quotes.


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