Sugar and spice and indie-pop-star potential, that's what these little girls are made of -- emphasis on girls. Smoosh is a Disney exec's cha-ching dream of wholesome 'tween entertainment. Made up of the singly named (how rock star) sisters Asya and Chloe, the duo plays cute keyboard-and-drums pop that rings of a maturity gleaned from hanging with the likes of Mates of State and Cat Power rather than late-night partying with Lindsay Lohan. Scoring indie cred comes easy for these siblings, especially since the mastermind behind their skills is a Seattle-based drum instructor and mentor named James McGerr, better known for his work in Death Cab for Cutie. Yeah, that Death Cab for Cutie. Smoosh even recently signed to Barsuk, the same label as the O.C. darlings, and have a sophomore effort due in early June. And with a supporting slot for super-cool rockers the Eels, these girls are coming along very nicely.


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