Snake Rattle Rattle Snake

Although Snake Rattle Rattle Snake has been playing some of the finest dark dance rock around these parts for more than two years, the band has only released a few recordings, including a four-song EP and a two-song seven-inch single. One spin of Sineater, the band's debut long-player, and you'll agree that it was more than worth the wait. It's a riveting collection of tracks that conjures everyone from early New Order and Siouxsie & the Banshees to Can and LCD Soundsystem. Built around the propulsive beats of drummer Andrew Warner, additional percussion from Kit Peltzel and James Yardley's dynamic bass lines, the grooves are just as mesmerizing as Hayley Helmericks's vocals. While most members of the group have played extensively in other bands, including Monofog, Red Cloud and Hawks of Paradise, there's just something thoroughly engaging about Snake Rattle Rattle Snake that doesn't seem to have come from those other acts, and Sineater is proof of that.


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