Snapstick Dynomite

He's baaaack! Except for sporadic performances with the hip-hop combo Dos Locos, Chris Dellinger has kept a low musical profile since his last outfit, Blister 66, became worm food. So what's the dude been doing? Besides slowly destroying his liver (all the times I've run into the charismatic frontman over the past couple of years, he's been at a bar, in various states of inebriation), he's been working on reinventing himself -- again. That's right, Crispy Clem (or Clem Idia, as he's known these days) is back with a brand-new group of hooligans, and they're calling themselves Snapstick Dynomite. This Saturday, July 1, the trio will make its debut at the Bluebird with Cherry Bomb Suicide, Step Short and the Platte River Killers. With a lineup that consists of Dellinger on guitar and vocals, former Blister timekeeper Davis on the skins and Eight Bucks Experiment bassist Audrey Harper holding down the low end, Snapstick Dynomite has a raw, stripped-down sound that's sure to satiate the Blister 66 throng of yesteryear.


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