So long, sweater weather. Bring on the sun! Top 10 songs for your spring soundtrack

Spring flowers bring sweet effin' jams!
Spring flowers bring sweet effin' jams!

It's that time of year -- time to trade in those stinky wool sweaters for T-shirts and tanks. Time to toss off those boots, slip on your sandals and start prepping for the sunshine. Bust that picnic basket out of the basement, air out the old blanket and wash the plastic stemware. It's fucking springtime, bitches!

Winter weather can be fun, but we've been sick of it since February. Face it, ski bums: Snow-gray skies can be depressing and gloomy, so when the sunshine starts peeking through the clouds, be grateful. And what better way to show gratitude for spring than to sing its praises? Spring deserves a solid soundtrack, so we went to work and brought you some of our favorites.

10. Amelie Soundtrack We couldn't choose just one song, so we went with the entire collection. This is the perfect album to download and do your spring cleaning or...just lift a glass. Composed by Yann Teirson, this 2001 French soundtrack is an eclectic mix of piano, accordion, vibraphone...and even a bicycle. (Don't judge -- bikes are spring-y, too!) It may not get your April barbecue party hoppin', but it will definitely put you in a springtime mood and inspire you to not only watch the film, but learn French. Ecouter, Mesdames et Messieurs!

9. Your Cloud - Tori Amos Okay, this one is a bit depressing, what with all the clouds, rain, and relationships...but what do you expect from Tori Amos? This song poses the age-old question: Can we be a "we" and still be ourselves? Is the individual inevitably lost upon entering into a romantic relationship? Is that the price we al must pay for looooove? Oh, stop thinking so fucking much. It's springtime, and life is too short. And anyway, Tori makes it seem like there is an answer. Or at least she's able to play the piano so it sounds like raindrops, which is almost as good as an answer.

8. Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles Thank you, George Harrison, for writing this amazing, bright and shiny song back in 1969. It totally has been a long, cold, lonely winter. Vitamin D deficiency causes depression, and this song just might be the cure. Some people aren't huge Beatles fans (it's true, shut up), but this particular song has something special. Maybe it's the fact that it keeps calling us "little darling," or maybe it's the happy "doo-doo-doo-doooo" Whatever. It works. We deem this THE perfect springtime, lift your spirits Monday morning song. Turn this baby up and rock out! Sun. Sun. it comes!

7. Spring Fever - Elvis This ditty appeared in the 1965 movie Girl Happy, and it brings out the innocence in all of us. (Not really, but we can hope.) The scene in which the song is sung features some hoppin' guys and gals singing while driving in convertibles. Cheesy as it may be, the song brings its listeners back to a time when all they had to worry about was what boy liked them and what they were going to wear to the sock hop. Unrealistic and lame, but give it the ol' blue-suede-shoe try. You may like the way it harks back to a time that never really happened, but it's fun to pretend that it did.

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