So What! back at Sengers on the Fax tonight!

When DJ K-Nee and Style-N-Fashion started doing So What! The Club back in 1993, at the old City Spirit Cafe on 15th and Blake, the point was to get away from the straight-up club music and hip-hop of the usual DJ scene, and focus on jazz-influenced cuts and rare grooves. I remember scarfing a noodle bowl at City Spirit, ducking next door to the old St. Mark's Coffeehouse for some caffeinated dance fuel, and then shaking my groove thing to K-Nee's acid jazz on many an evening in the mid-'90s. The two developed a huge and fervent following and soon got their own So What! radio show on Saturday nights on KUVO. K-Nee's palette has grown over the past fifteen years or so to include Afro-pop, jazz-inflected hip-hop and deep funk. You can check it out tonight, as So What! The Club hosts "the official unofficial Raphael Saadiq afterparty" at Sengers on the Fax, with K-Nee and Styles dropping smooth cuts that should help you keep your post-Saadiq nu-soul groove on.

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