SoCal Punk Invasion

This one's double-take material: Agent Orange, Fear, D.I. Total Chaos and Bloodhook are on tour together, and they're stopping in Denver. Let's run that one back: Agent Orange, as in the outfit that invented surf punk. The group every single punk band with a clue has listed as an influence on its MySpace page. And Fear, as in the act that was playing hardcore punk when you were still in diapers. The one with the right-wing wack-job singer who drives everyone he's ever played with crazy enough to leave the band, which would be a detriment in most genres, but not this one. And D.I., whose singer used to be the drummer for Social Distortion. Eyes falling out of your head yet? Those other bands are no slouches, either. And in case a massive fistful of punk history isn't enough for you, some of the best local punk acts are playing upstairs at PT's the same night: Truck-a-saurus, Red Stinger, Dead Ringer, Handsome Deville and 9/10 of the Law. The revolution is here.


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