Social Distortion

Mike Ness has been the only constant member in Social Distortion's rotating cast for more than thirty years (with a few breaks in between) — although some fans might argue that Ness essentially is Social Distortion. Ness has aged well. He and the band still tear through material with reckless abandon to deliver some thoroughly solid shows, and the singer doesn't sound a whole lot different than he did three decades ago. During Social D's three-night run at the Ogden, there's a good chance the outfit will dip into everything from the act's 1983 debut Mommy's Little Monster to this year's Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes, which includes the band's current lineup with former U.S. Bombs/Cadillac Tramps guitarist Jonny Wickersham, Suicidal Tendencies drummer David Hildago, Jr., and bassist Brent Harding.


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