The mass proliferation of Sole continues with No Wishing Up No Settling Down. "I'm substance over style," the MC declares, "but style's a perk." And while his style might not be the coolest or the smoothest, it's aggressively present and distinctive. As for substance, Sole wastes few words: His lyrics are about as dense and pointed as they come. That said, as far as Sole projects go, this is one of the easier ones to listen to. He uses fairly mainstream beats to rage against the machine, so even though he refuses to rhyme about typical subject matter, or even when he refuses to rhyme at all, there remains an overall sense of musicality that will appeal to casual fans who listen to music more to move their bodies than their minds. Still, Sole will provoke your mind, and at the end of the day, the only failed Sole album is one that settles for just being a piece of music.


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