Sole & the Skyrider Band premiere "DIY" video

Sole & the Skyrider Band premiere "DIY" video

On Friday, Sole & the Skyrider Band premiered its new video for "DIY." More of a mini-saga than a basic video, the clip, directed by Patrick Selvage and produced by Alan August -- with the help of cinematographer Chris Newman and effects editor Shannon Wilkerson -- is set in an unsettling future scenario in which citizens are monitored by the watchful eye all-seeing "ministry of media" and subjected to the draconian tactics of the faceless entity. Sole and his crew attempt to infiltrate the organization, as the MC raps convincingly about how he's always been an outsider and how he's the last of a dying breed. "I'm DIY," he proclaims, "the industry is DIE," noting that he's become a little bit richer every year by cutting out the brokers and the parasites and doing it himself. Heady stuff. Page down to have a look.

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