Solpowa has put in work in the local hip-hop scene for more than a decade, mostly as part of the RRAAHH Foundashun and as a producer for hire. Now he's stepping out on his own with his solo debut, Da Ace of Clubs. Expectedly, the album showcases Sol P's production prowess. Tracks such as "We Came Too Far," featuring Supernatural and Dent, and "Hard Hitterz," featuring C1, will have you pushing "repeat" a few times. Lyrically, the rappin' producer isn't too shabby, either. On joints like "I Don't Care What People Say," "Spacesuit," featuring C1 and Shunfist, and "Luv 2 Hate," which includes a cameo by SP Double, Sol P absolutely rips it. The downside, if there is one, is Sol singing the hooks on songs such as "What's Wrong" and "I Got Sacks 2 Blaze"; the vocals pale in comparison with those of King Mississippi, Ray Ray and Ron Rodarte, who sing hooks on several of the other tracks. Other than that, Solpowa has produced a winning hand.


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