During the opening track of Sonnenblume's self-titled debut, Liz Forster pleads: "Stay with me/for all time." That line portends the power over listeners within nearly every song to follow — eleven unforgettable, moody pop melodies draped in thoughtful atmosphere, quality musicianship and dreamy vocals. Do not mistake accessibility for simplicity, though, as multiple listens deliver newfound appreciation for Denver scene fulcrum Todd Ayers's guitar wizardry and masterful production, ably supported by the calculated, accessible and precise madness of Zack Littlefield's drumming. The album carries itself effortlessly to the breaking point of the climactic "Follow," in which Ayers — over a driving beat and distant screams — unleashes what could be the most diabolically catchy hook to ever grace your ears. Seekers of pop mastery: Look no further than this dream-pop gem.


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