Soul School

Soul School, one of the busier acts in town, has dozens of covers in its repertoire, everything from Motown and R&B tunes to soul and funk to disco and hip-hop. On Chapter One, Soul School's ten-song debut of original material, the group draws from the same genres it covers, opening with the super-funky "Soul School Intro," which is anchored by some heavy, in-the-pocket playing by bassist Windall Armour and drummer James Roberson. "Out of Your League," on the other hand, is more like contemporary R&B à la Beyoncé or Destiny's Child, with Sethe Tucker handling lead vocals and rapper Audree Dillard dropping a nod to TLC's "No Scrubs." The group slows it down on "Lie to Me," which features the deep, resonant vocals of Tony Price. It's clear from listening to Chapter One that Soul School has mastered the art of laying down a solid groove.


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