Sound Team

Oftentimes a band waters down its artistic vision by incorporating too many disparate elements into its sound. Although Austin's Sound Team has absorbed an array of influences -- listen closely and you'll hear splices of Spoon's frayed edges alongside ABC's cheesy but earnest pop -- it has managed to create a sundry yet distinctive voice of its own. With analog synths that recall the Silver Apples' early releases, the group's claustrophobic tones are hypnotic, calling to mind some of the older shoegaze acts of the past. It's always interesting to see if a band as eclectic and sophisticated as Sound Team can replicate the depth of its sonic signature in person. But given the sheer exuberance of its live shows, the odds are certainly in this Team's favor. Don't be too surprised if Sound Team -- touring in support of Movie Monster -- steals the show from its notably more rockin' tourmates in Sparta.


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