Sounds Like Fun!

Material World, Saturday, February 12, at the Boulder Theater, pays homage to the decade of Dallas, jellies and Reagonomics as part of an '80s Retro Dance Party. The good people at the Boulder will convert the palatial music and film venue into a nightclub revisiting that dark decade with performances from the Motion Undergound Break Dancers and a mix of tunes from quintessential '80s pop acts. Attendees will have a chance to take on A-Ha, walk like an Egyptian and rock it Herbie Hancock style. Of course, the Material Girl will also be well-represented in both music and fashion. Gift certificates will be awarded to those who've sought the '80s look most desperately -- and successfully. Local designers Marshall Emerson and Meredith McGee will create an interior concept to best represent the era; for our money, they'd be wise to model it after the house-party scene in Sixteen Candles: pizza on the turntable, new-wave dancing in the living room, piano ties. Long live the Greed Decade! -- Chris Decker


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