Sounds Like Fun!

We don't have Charlie Brown to cheer us up in the funny papers anymore, but luckily, there's still Charlie Brown's Bar & Grill for a little good grief after work. Located in the same building as the old Colburn Hotel on Grant Street, Charlie Brown's happy hour offers great two-for-one specials and a mixed, pretension-free environment. The drinks are solid and the prices reasonable. The food is tasty, the service is friendly, and the tables are big enough to crowd a dozen of your friends around. (Be careful in the men's room, though, as the barbacks often put buckets of ice in the urinals.) You won't see too many cell phones floating around, and the big-screen television always has some form of sports on. But the highlight, without a doubt, is the sing-along piano-bar styling of Pauly Lopez, who's been tickling the ivories here for nearly two decades. As a result, Charlie Brown's is possibly the best spot in town to mix Tin Pan Alley tunes with mixed drinks. -- Sean Neumann


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