Sounds Like Fun!

New Orleans's French Quarter may be a little too far away to make it a viable party option for Denverites celebrating Fat Tuesday, which falls on March 7 this year. But the Big Easy isn't the only location in America where folks need a cathartic evening of bacchanalia. The unofficial holiday, which occurs the day before Ash Wednesday and kicks off Lent, has roots in the Catholic tradition -- but don't tell that to the folks who view it as an excuse to don beads, down beers and flash their naked chests at strangers. All of those activities may or may not be going on at the Wynkoop Brewing Company's Fat Party, but we're certain that a considerable amount of beer-downing will. The historic brew house will feature its special Big Easy Ale, and a N'awlins-style balloon drop will rain on revelers at 10 p.m. Just remember, Fat Tuesday is supposed to be the last big party before a period of sacrifice. So make it count. -- Chris Decker


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