Sounds Like Fun!

As evidenced by the recently released documentary Beyond the Mat, wrestling, in all its violent glory, is for adults. And local wrestling -- not that bawdy WWF-Hollywood crap -- is the real deal. Luckily, in Denver we have the Central Wrestling Organization to satisfy our lust for blood. For those of you who missed the CWO's St. Paddy's Day Massacre, here's a quick clue-in on Tagteam Turmoil, Friday, April 7, at the Aztlan Theatre: Derek Corpse, the here-comes-death-on-legs marauder, beat, slammed and pummeled opponent Reverend Black to become CWO's heavyweight champion. Now Corpse must defend his title against the high-flying -- and highly likable -- Dreemer. (What's not to like about Dreemer, who, at 5-foot-7, says he was born in Dreemland, Illinois, which is located, obviously, "right outside of K-O-Ville"?) The undercard for the main event is a smorgasbord of eight tag-team thrown-downs, one of which will become the CWO's first-ever Tag Team Title. Let's get ready to...pummel!


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