Sounds Like Fun!

Stanley Kubrick recognized that outer-space imagery and stirring music were a sensual match -- he mated spacescapes and classical styles to hypnotizing effect in 2001: A Space Odyssey. DJ Skunk, Saturday, April 15, at the Gothic Theatre, is one of six DJs who will endeavor to do the same in the first installment of "Space," a new monthly DJ and live-music event that will convert the palatial theater into a futuristic realm of drum and bass music. Framed in a highly decorated, high-tech setting, Skunk joins San Francisco's Jason Douglas and Gavin Hardkiss, Orlando's Chris Fortier, Denver's Little Mike, as well as Oakland's Aquatherium, in an evening of spinning, dancing and extraterrestrial revelry that runs until 5 a.m. "Space" is open to sonic astronauts over the age of eighteen, though two bars await those of legal age. To the moon!


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