Sounds Like Fun!

Andy Warhol said that everyone is famous for a fifteen minutes. Organizers of the Warhol Party 2, Tuesday, July 18, at the Foundry in Boulder, dont think thats quite long enough: People who attend their event, an offbeat fundraiser for the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, can spend the entire evening feeling like a superstar. After last years party drew enthusiastic crowds, the museum has decided to make a tradition of throwing a party commemorating the decadent Factory Parties hosted in Warhols New York studio. And though you wont encounter the orgiastic drug culture preferred by Warhols circle, the party does promise to offer an evening of artful ambience. Live music from the cover band Vintage, projected film clips from a local filmmaker, a cyber photo booth that offers instant shots with an artful background, free pool and food are among the festivities. You might want to Pop in.


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