Sounds Like Fun!

Sex or art, art or sex? Choose both at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Arts heavenly Exotica Erotica Ball. Earthly pleasures and erotic fantasies come together at the museums biggest and most Dionysian fundraiser, happening Friday, October 27. The historic, art-deco Boulder Theater sets the tone for the event, which is in the tradition of the Andy Warhol factory parties and the Beaux Arts Balls of the surrealists. Spend a little extra for a premier ticket and float up to the VIP room for cakes and a private performance by dancer Amoru. DJs Ejay and Auto will take care of the music -- leaving patrons to worry only about what theyre wearing, as costumes are a must. When choosing your attire, think postmodern or deconstructionist or, better yet, think of how Alices wardrobe changed when Dal got ahold of her. Strip down and paint yourself as one of Rothkos colorfields, or be Homers mother in her livelier days. Whatever your erotic impulse may be, this years event might be just the chance to follow it through -- for arts sake!


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