Sounds Like Fun!

The chances of running into an old-world-style traveling carnival in Denver are pretty slim, but Rock Island will offer its best approximation with Muse, a theatrical family of freaks that it will house on Friday, November 17. Its a good thing the Ringling Brothers have left town, as Muses seedy-sided group of surreal performers isnt to be trifled with. Denver performance artist Cristofer Lix hosts the event, with music by Space Team Electra (pictured) and installations from the Eight Oz. Fred Gallery. While Rock Islands usual dance-club atmosphere wont be abandoned, your moves might change a bit when the bearded lady buys you a drink, or when the boa constrictor sidles up your leg as you wait at the bar. If youre feeling a bit freakish yourself, you could get your body painted and join in the fun -- just try not to bump into any of the fire-breathers. Carnival!


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