Sounds Like Fun!

Actor Woody Harrelson and marijuana always seem to find themselves side by side, and the film Grass brings the two even closer together. Harrelson, an advocate for vegetarianism, the use of hemp in mainstream products and the sheer enjoyment of the herb, narrates this humorous documentary directed by Ron Mann. The film, which will be shown at the Boulder Theater on Tuesday, November 28, explores marijuana within the cultural context of twentieth-century America, beginning with educational films from the 60s that warned of potential insanity with too much use. But moms and dads wont have to leave their budding teenagers at home for this one: Though the film is rated R, the Boulder presentation is an all-ages look into the history of our green friend. And no, CU folk, its not at 4:20. Screenings are at 7 and 9:30 p.m.


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