Space in Time

It should come as no surprise that this band did a cover of Uriah Heep's classic "Easy Livin'" from, appropriately enough, 1972's Demons and Wizards. What is surprising is that Space in Time's version is superior to W.A.S.P.'s 1986 take on the same song. Sure, this collection of tunes might make you revisit your old Rainbow albums or take a trip back to Deep Purple's Made in Japan, but it does so because there are no lazy, subpar licks or performances to be found. A lot of modern groups try to cop the feel and tone of '70s rock, but most lack the chops and imagination to make it convincing. In contrast, Space in Time has psychedelic hard rock oozing from its pores. No irony, no poseur stances struck — just solid, heavy rock and roll, beginning to end.

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