Spiralling Stairs

With the demise of Motheater last year, the Denver scene lost one of its brightest lights. Because of its artier, more adventurous use of sound and volume, the outfit never fit in with the post-hardcore scene or the experimental metal scene. Thankfully, Michael Reisinger and Weston Wilson bring that vision of ambitious, experimental noise rock with them to Spiralling Stairs. The band originally came together as Slow Drains from the fragments of Motheater, and continued as Spiralling Stairs with a new three-piece lineup when Drains collapsed. Combining Reisinger's signature obtuse, mystically tinged lyrics and beautifully tortured and cathartic vocal delivery with sinuously jagged rhythms and harshly electrifying guitar drones, this group shows hints of Current 93's haunting exoticism and Unwound's blatant disregard for conventional song structure. Though the members of Spiralling Stairs (due at the hi-dive on Wednesday, June 25) are headed down unpredictable musical paths, you won't be sorry for having followed them.


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