Spoke Shaver at the Larimer Lounge

A lot of bands throw out the artistic trope that their music doesn't really fit into a category — and more often than not, it's nonsense perpetrated by those who are definitely writing music in a specific style. In contrast, Spoke Shaver shamelessly lets fly with its influences, from the gritty guitar stylings of Neil Young to the serpentine prog-jazz of Pink Floyd's rhythm section and, perhaps unknowingly, the dreamy, soul-inflected songs of early Traffic. There's a hint of punk's edginess here, and Kristin's forceful yet oh-so-tuneful vocals are equally adept at providing a dusky caress and invigorating heights of emotional outburst. These people have the temerity to claim they're really good, but it's not mere bravado: In an era of classic-rock poseurs, Spoke Shaver (due Friday, February 13, at the Larimer Lounge) is the real thing.


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