StaG brings its spare, catchy melodies to Deer Pile

StaG (due on Friday, September 21, at Deer Pile) formed when its core members were students in Boulder. Somewhat creatively isolated from other musicians in that town, they became friends with the like-minded Fellow Citizens. During that time, StaG's sound evolved into spare, catchy melodies that seemed to incandesce to create its signature hazy, blissed-out atmospheres. The band's debut album, Rifle Meeker, conjures images of fog rolling forward in the wake of spring sunlight, like late-period Slowdive with a touch of surf guitar bled in. The members of StaG split their time between Boulder and Southern California, but when they're here, they're joined by former Fellow Citizens guitarist/current Kevin Costner Suicide Pact soundscaper Carson Pelo, who adds percussion to the more finely textured rhythms of their most recent material. Perfect backdrop music for the end of summer.


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