Stanky Pockets

Echoing a variety of artists, from Blues Traveler and the Black Crowes to Steve Kimock and the New Riders of the Purple Sage, Stanky Pockets nods to its roots-leaning influences while creating a sound of its own.

On the band's debut, vocalist and harmonica player Miles Guzman throws down, exhibiting fiery harp chops, while guitarist John Tipton displays an inspired ability to capture the essence of multiple genres and feelings on sprawling jams such as "Big Top," the opening cut, and shorter, more melodic tunes like "The La La Song," "Something Good" and "Bottle of Wine."

True to its title, Family showcases an assemblage of up-and-coming local talent. With the help of a few guest crooners and the tight rhythm work of bassist Fleeb Thomas and drummer Mike Goletz, Stanky Pockets have whipped up a sonic funk that's absolutely delectable.


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