Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned

Any song that manages to tell a story is impressive, but when a story is carried through an entire project, when the words are dedicated to a single plot and a clear ideological focus, it's a substantially ambitious and adventurous undertaking. Whereas the media has struggled to be the first to break every possible story, accurately or not, behind tragedy after tragedy in the past couple of years, Mane Rok has taken the time to illustrate a cycle of murder that's too sympathetic for live TV. He may even have delved too deeply into the murderer's mind, sparing no bloody details — at times even seeming to relish them. But as a storyteller, Mane is solid, effectively moving the plot while remaining specific and detail-oriented — the columbine flowers, in particular, are an evocative and subtle touch — but it will probably take a few listens to grasp all of what's happening.

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