There aren't many bands who have actually toured in an eighteen-wheeler -- let alone committed their artistic vision to something called "balls-out trucker punk." But for the good buddies in Steerjockey, amphetamines and hundred-mile coffee fuel a sound that won't back off the hammer, leading a rumbling convoy of Zeke, Turbonegro and Black Sabbath down another menacing stretch of interstate. The fact that Jason Priest, K Love and Luke Jockey all hail from landlocked Cape Girardeau, Missouri, might explain part of their need to break stuff. The Cape is flat, barren and useless, but it's also the birthplace of radio gasbag Rush Limbaugh, who, if he ever found himself listening to this sonic shitstorm, would thank his lucky stars that hearing aids have "off" buttons. And no amount of painkillers would stop the bleeding from Rooster Cruiser, the followup to Superrigs and Bigger Fish to Fry. Expect a new batch of rip-snorters about speed, sex and fighting. Do you copy?


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