Stella Luce

Eastern Europe isn't as far as from the Front Range as it might seem. Not only does Colorado have the gypsy-inflected DeVotchKa, but Wovenhand has also tapped into a little Old World mysticism on its latest album. Fort Collins's Stella Luce isn't as well known as those bands, but its new EP draws from a similar wellspring. That said, Entropy has a sound all its own; steeped in eerie singing saw and a ghostlike, guitar-less hollowness, the disc's six songs do a stately yet spirited death dance around the brash viola and lush, goosebumped vocals of leader Alana Rolfe. There's a vaguely Rasputina-ish atmosphere at play here, especially on the spooky "Spiral Down" and the oddly electronic-textured "Out of Me." But Rolfe's forceful chops and nervy conviction do more than conjure flickering images of gypsy campfires and pagan rites; they bring them home.


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