Stella Luce

Resurrection, the latest release from Alana Rolfe and Brett Schreiber, both of whom used to be in the avant-garde post-punk band Slow Crash, finds the pair teaming up with percussionist Sean Spear. Opening track "Snake" is a fast-paced gypsy song, but from there the album explores a broad territory: "Camera Phone" is a brightly atmospheric song with an expansively melancholic tinge reminiscent of the latest EMA album, while "Ven Conmigo" mixes calypso with a Middle Eastern flavor. The album showcases what appear to be two divergent songwriting styles — one more grounded in percussion and the other in moods. The second half of the album, starting with "You Win," finds these divergent styles coming together and complementing one another as they vividly convey both a sense of loss and uncertainty and a yearning for reconciliation.


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