Sterile Garden/ Gemini Trajectory

"Erleben," by Gemini Trajectory, starts off side one of this split with an evolving stream of textures, synth tones, and a beat that's urgent and insistent, provoking a feeling of running headlong into Germanic death-disco territory. The song is like a mirror image of the band's previous music in its dark undertones — like dance music for netrunners. "Composite Take 2" and "Process 2," on the Sterile Garden side, create a similarly post-industrial aesthetic, but with an organic, gritty sound. It appears as though the players used tape collages, white noise and unidentifiable industrial sounds to evoke the experience of sneaking through hidden tunnels under the old Stapleton airport in the post-apocalypse. Or maybe they imagined what a sequel to Begotten would look like and made music for that.


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