Steve Kimock

At times, Steve Kimock's latest release, Eudemonic, edges warily toward well-executed, jam-flavored elevator music. Despite this limp studio offering, though, Kimock is no slouch. Having once gained a reputation as the late Jerry Garcia's favorite unknown guitar player, he has systematically cleared his own path since his days with the Dead and its offshoots, Phil and Friends and the Other Ones. Artistically decorous live shows (read: trippy lighting) allow Kimock, the master of sweet tone, to explore the full range of his fusion, funk and rock influences. Live, the guitarist has gone so far as to experiment with aromatherapy as a way of creating just the right atmosphere in which to kiss the gods. On his latest trip to Denver, he'll be joined by a stellar cast of bandmates: soul-jazz keyboardist Robert Walter, bassist Reed Mathis and Grammy-winning drummer Rodney Holmes. Those searching for a few moments of Zen would be well advised to look to Kimock and his polished posse to guide them.


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