Steve Smooth at the Gathering

The music of DJ/producer Steve Smooth is a bit like his name — kind of cheesy, but in a way that can't help but make you smile. His pumping, high-energy tracks are short on subtlety and long on slick production and relentless thump. It's a bit predictable and sounds enough like what your dance-music-hating friends imagine all dance music to sound like: embarrassing, but 2 a.m., bathed in a wash of lasers and smoke-machine fog, rushing on your second or third wind, it'll feel pretty good to shake your ass to it. It won't earn you any points with the cool kids, but it will convince you to get on the dance floor, put your hands in the air and get stupid late into the night. Catch Smooth at the Gathering, alongside lots of other top DJs, on Saturday, August 21. For more info, visit or call 303-575-1610.


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