Stick & Poke Round 2 gets all evil tonight

Because of the old piece of folded-paper designer Tony Farfalla's used as a background, this sucker looks like something you'd dig up out of some crazed Renaissance doctors hand if Maurice Sendack travelled back in time to create handbills for exorcisms, and the double-headed demon certainly helps add to the old-timey flair.

There's also the nicely done, simple typography, which spotlights the details of the night without being overbearing or awkward. This night is all about tattoos, DJs and mix tapes and that's exactly what you'll glean by peeking at this. Just promise us you won't get a tattoo you regret after too many PBR's. Or if you do -- at least promise us you'll post a link in the comments.

Stick & Poke Round 2 gets all evil tonight

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