Stole Your Woman

The difference between Gilmore Girls and The O.C. is that the former's too-fast-to-be-believed witty banter is obviously fueled by writers well versed in punk rock, whereas five minutes into the latter self-serving teen drama, no one over the age of 21 cares one iota for the misguided characters. Stole Your Woman is the Orange County (the show, not the birthplace of the Adolescents and the Vandals) version of punk, claiming to be something it knows nothing about. Lacking the reference point of the founding fathers, every Blink-182 atom is free to inflict its damage. Despite its name, Stole Your Woman is surprisingly humorless and whiny, with little to differentiate it from the shmaltz of Third Eye Blind. Parental warning: It sounds innocuous, but they drop the bomb in almost every song. Youth warning: It sounds pretty dangerous now, but you'll hate it in three years' time.


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