Strike Anywhere

Strike Anywhere wants a better world, one where "punk" doesn't mean Good Charlotte and "political" means more than P. Diddy. With intelligence and admirable chops, the Virginia quintet crafts straightforward, Oi!-inspired anthems far superior to the usual Hot Topic punk pabulum. To Live in Discontent brings together several of Strike's non-Jade Tree recordings -- many of which were available previously as free downloads -- in one impressive package. Comprising the act's first seven-inch debut EP, a 1999 demo, three covers and an Exit English outtake, the collection does an excellent job of bringing us up to date on Strike Anywhere without a single filler. These tunes rage against police brutality, corporate greed and institutionalized injustice as passionately as any on the group's two proper albums, proving Strike Anywhere is among the most passionate and committed punk bands on the scene today. Who knows? A little discontent might just change the world after all.


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