Stung By Bees

As the backing guitarist for Sara Thurston's Clotheshorse, David Lack displayed an impressive knack for crafting moods and turning rhythm parts into unconventional leads. This gift, coupled with his natural songwriting ability, carried over into his latest project, Stung By Bees, which has frequently been compared to Modest Mouse but actually comes off more like Magnetic Fields without the whining and a good deal more grit. And while the act's sound also contains traces of Americana, the songs are less twangy and more steeped in the folk tradition. With a spare but forceful rhythm section underpinning his melodies, Lack displays an unabashed emotional honesty. Fans of the Pastels, Beat Happening and the poppier end of Yo La Tengo will dig Stung By Bees (due at the Skylark Lounge on Saturday, August 11).


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