Subb-an brings the tech-house down on Saturday, May 19

It might seem that Subb-an has appeared on the scene overnight, but give him some credit: The guy's 24 years old, and considering that he started mixing tracks at the tender age of fourteen, he got here as fast as he could. He earned a prestigious degree in sound design from Birmingham City University in 2009, and while earning his academic credentials, he and best friends Adam Shelton and Lee McDonald founded Below, which became a hallowed underground clubbing resource in the U.K. Subb-an's mechanically funky sounds strike a perfect balance between techno and house influences, making him one of the masters of tech-house currently dropping danceable beats on floors all around the world. Case in point: Subb-an will make his way to Italy, Spain and Canada before hitting Denver for his first-ever appearance here, and afterward, he'll fly to Detroit to play for the crowds at the esteemed Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Roots and AAMP are bringing him to the Mile High for a 21+ bash on Saturday, May 19, along with Kate Simko from Chicago and local favorites H-Foundation (Hipp-E and Halo) and Nutmeg. RSVP to for ticket and venue information.


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