Subcon has been playing the local rap game since the mid-'90s, and Antitoxin sounds like it. No question that he's well-intentioned on numbers such as "Hey Mom," dedicated to "all the single mothers out there," and "4Ever Mine," a sincere love song — and "Too Blessed to Be Stressed" is enjoyably reggae-centric. But most of the beats feel purely retro, as opposed to offering contemporary takes on old-school classicism, and the rhymes can seem oddly dated. Take "Three-O-Three," which has less than nothing in common with the Boulder duo of the same name: Rather than references to Helen Keller and Daisy Dukes, Subcon boasts about "back-to-back Super Bowl champs" and offers a "Mile High salute." Looking back on the past is fine — but not being stuck in it.


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